Beetle Coming up Roses



This handsome but voracious Japanese beetle photographed in Maine at the botanical gardens is obviously on a path of destruction. Even though he was bent on the destruction of this lovely rose his beauty is what I saw first. So he fits very nicely into the Tiny Wildlife gallery on my site:

See the full size image on my website :


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  1. +Jean Chang hi Jean! How could I forget? Your videos were always a delight to watch, we still quote from them to each other sometimes! How are you doing? I'll write you a private message so we can catch up.

  2. Beautiful – the colours of the beetle are amazing. While it's a shame the beautiful rose is under attack, I guess the beettle does need to eat :0)

  3. One teeny beetle becomes an inadvertent star. Reminds me of a New Yorker cartoon of about a million penguins standing around. One is wearing sunglasses. Another says to him, "Oh get over yourself. We were all in the movie."

  4. Wow…that’s one serious bug, Ellie. It’s so big! Can’t help but feel sorry for the rose though. Ah nature…it does have a sharp edge doesn’t it?

    1. I do feel sorry for the rose, Sandra, you are right I had no idea just how destructive it was… but as you say, a sharp edge. Thanks!

  5. Carol says she remembers you taking that pic….hope you took the little sucker back home with you, we have enough down here……

    1. How amazing that she remembers, Mac! We have had a couple of great visits there, for sure. No, had to leave him there, as I would have been arrested at the border if he had been found on my person!! We have plenty of similar ones here, I’m sure!

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