Basil flowers
Basil flowers

Herbs and spices make such a difference to our lives and perhaps basil is one of the better known herbs. I have to confess that this is the first time I had seen the flowers on this plant though. The white petals were delicately gauzy against the dark greeny purple aromatic leaves. Basil is such a summery, warm plant, filling my mind with memories of delicious pasta dishes and pesto eaten outside with friends on lazy, warm days. I hope these also lend a warm, sunny Mediterranean feel to the beginning of your week.

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  1. A sweet flower for Sweet Basil. Grown for its fragrant leaves, I guess it rarely gets to bloom. A great companion to many a fine dish, as you say Ellie, and a great companion to our day too. Thank for this delicate and delightful start to this day.

    1. Thanks a lot Janet. Yes, I usually pull off the flowers. It was a friend who called me to say hers had blossomed when she wasn’t looking! So I got this thanks to her. Have a lovely day.

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