Barred Owl

A brown, dark brown and white owl is looking at us over his shoulder as he sits on the bare branch of a tree. His face is shaped like a heart with the circles around his eyes.
Barred Owl

Today is a good day for a barred owl photo. When we had bird feeders in our front garden, we used to see hawks waiting in the branches to pounce on unsuspecting goldfinches and the like which I didn’t appreciate. Owls, though, come out later and so they watch for mice that are probably making nests in our car brakes and the like. They’re welcome to them.

On one occasion (maybe this one),  that owl was sitting on that branch when a squirrel ran almost up to him!  It stopped in surprise and beat a hasty retreat. The owl didn’t move. It just watched it go. It happened too fast for me to catch it in a picture.

I have to say, one of my favourite moments, walking in the woods was when an owl flew right over my head,  going ahead of me and landing on a branch a few yards away. The amazing thing was that it was absolutely silent. But I thought I felt the air from its wings as it flew over me,  so close. What marvellous creatures they are.

I love this face. Here’s looking at you! Happy Owl Day.

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  1. Amazing photo it as if he is looking directly at you. The fact that they fly by in silence is amazing to experience. Thanks

  2. A handsome lad ( i assume its a he) this owl…looks like he has the worries of the world on his mind, but perhaps he’s just concentrating on where he’ll get his next meal…or concerned he’s being shot by that woman with that device?
    Whatever it is, it’s a pleasure to meet him. Thank you, Ellie, for the introduction.

    1. I, too assumed this was a male, but I’m not sure why. I hope he wasn’t sizing me up for his next meal! When you come back, perhaps you might see him in the flesh feathers. The pleasure was mine, Janet. Thanks.

    1. It is somehow an honour to have this lovely creature visit when it does. I was so glad I had my camera to remove me of the experience. Thank you, Françoise.

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