Bald Eagles 11/365

So there we were driving along in the car on Saturday morning, not far from our house when suddenly we spotted a tree full of bald eagles. By the time we had turned around and driven back for me to photograph them, they had begun to get restless and were taking off and by the time I took my last photograph there were only 6 left in and around the tree. These wonderful birds nest in the area and feed on the carcasses thrown out from the local chicken farms, mainly. The younger ones tend to be larger than the adults and do not have the distinctive white heads which appear when they are older. 

I am catching up with my project, more to post!


For #365project +G+ 365 Project  by +Simon Davis-Oakley and  +Patricia dos Santos Paton 
and #birdloversworldwide +BIRD LOVERS Worldwide by +Robert SKREINER 
#backyardbirdingmonday +Backyard Birding Monday #BackyardbirdingMonday by +Celeste Odono +Ricky L Jones

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  1. Thanks +Rub Bal 

    Thank you Sumit, my birdy friend! +Sumit Sen 

    It was, +Shelly Gunderson 

    I know you get a ton of these +Lindi Smith 

    Wow, I am jealous, now +D. Hale !

    Thank you Brad! +Brad Buckmaster – that is high praise.

    +Marleny Suazo – thank you.

    Dear Ursula, thank you so much for that lovely comment. I love that you love it! +Ursula Klepper 

    You are right, but not having a 600mm lens (which I don't) I decided to try to get them all in. A long lens would have given one in detail. It was the embarras de richesses that I was wanting to show, as that was what I felt! +Janet Patterson 

    Thanks so much +Marilou Aballe 

    It really was, +Heiko Mahr 

    A special moment indeed +Jacqueline Hodsdon – you are welcome any time. In fact there is an Eagle Watch weekend coming up here in a couple of weeks' time!

    Thanks very much +Martin Matejic as always.

  2. I love it! Can't explain why, it's all, the composition, the sharpness, the tree, all those lines and especialy the birds all around, even this contrast between the light and dark……this image is caching my attention! xo

  3. Had a pair of them wheeling past my window yesterday. Pointed them out to my African Grey who was sitting on my hand, and he wasn't impressed (they weren't headed our way… his opinion varies depending how close they are.)

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