Aster Galaxy

Aster Asteroids
Aster Galaxy

One Aster is not enough for today’s Flower a Day. I (and you, too, my friends) need a whole bunch of these bright faces. So here is a whole constellation of Asters whirling around in that distinctive way that the Helios lens highlights! And this is your WWAD treat for Sunday. This reminds me of little girls in white dresses running through fields of wildflowers in the sun. Enjoy this image (and that vision if you like it) as my gift to you today. Best viewed large in the gallery (as all galaxies are)!

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4 Responses

  1. Your aster galaxy had me all in a whirl today, Ellie. So much so that I thought that I had already commented but I guess I was just dancing in my head along with these pretty ladies, their eyes all aglow and their sun bonnets perkily perched. This sunny picture stayed with me all day so I would say ‘mission accomplished’.
    Thank you, Ellie.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! Asters do have a way of distracting us at the best of times, so a whole bunch of their bright faces just amplifiers the effect! I am glad if the photo stayed dancing in your head for the day. I hope today’s offering is a bit more calming!

  2. Lovely Ellie. I agree it does remind you of little girls running through field of flowers. That is such a happy though to have in your mind. Can’t help but cheer one up. Thanks

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