Aster Day

Pink Centered Asters
Pink Centered Asters

I know you are perhaps asking yourselves if you have already seen this photograph on Flower a Day (World Wild Aster Day), so I’ll answer that right away. No, you haven’t, although probably you have seen one very like it. Until I start hearing cries from you of “Enough of the asters!” I will keep sharing these occasionally as I love the look of them so much. I know that’s pretty obvious by the number of photographs I took of them when they were blooming. They come to you today with my wish for you of a day with some beauty and joy in it.

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  1. Happy, happy, happy is the message here. I can hear this chorus singing “Oh, what a wonderful WWAD! Tra-la, tra-la, tra-la!” I have to agree with them. Each beautifully decked out in their spring finery, wide-eyed and petals open, their enthusiasm for life is infectious. May it spread far and wide. Thank you, Ellie, it’s just lovely.

  2. Thanks Ellie I never get tired of looking at them. They are beautiful the bright colored centers in them. Learning so much about all the flowers if I can only remember. Hope you have a nice day sending along a hug.

    1. Thanks so much Linda, I’m glad you like these. I hope we both remember, but if not then we will be reminded next time! Hugs back again.

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