Asiatic Lily

Asiatic Lily
Asiatic Lily

It’s time for a burst of cheerful sunshine in our Flower a Day! This lovely Asiatic Lily was photographed last summer at the home of a particularly green fingered friend. His garden is a delight and has provided more than one of the subjects for my project, from that single visit. I remember that day being terribly anti-social (easy these days, with ‘anti-social distancing’ requirements) and spent the whole time with my eye to the viewfinder in front of such beautiful specimens. It was as if they were just waiting for me and my camera. I hope these bring light to everyone’s day and remind us all of the brighter days to come. Soon, we all hope. To view the info and gallery…

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  1. HI Ellie Girl …. well it is the New Year here in Oz and we are possibly a day ahead of you so winning the race so far . Now I like to flick through a dozen images fast and that makes my day start with a little cheer and a flash of colour. Sunday here and so you will be on the road seeing a few people ? maybe with the virus scare NOT .
    You will tell me it is all part of the bigger picture so keep up the good work . I have just been given a list of 3 things to do today or otherwise no brownie points .. tomorrow ….

    1. You are right, Len. As fast as we run, we can’t seem to catch up with the Australians!
      I love that thought of you running through some of my photos to brighten your day before you start on your tasks! You are also right, we are not going around to see people any more than you are I suspect. But a good 6 km walk just as a snowstorm starts is enough to lift the spirits of anybody. Especially when they come into a nice warm fire! Thanks again for the comment, Len! Now go and get those jobs done! Or you will be in trouble from Ms Anne and that is a scary pospect!

  2. The lovely lily…it does seem to be screaming ‘hope’ in a very quiet and peaceful way, as only a lily can. So open, so welcoming, see the beauty inside saying ‘I’ve nothing to hide’ and ‘you can trust me’. The unopened flowers full of promise of more like this one, full of light and optimism as the new year starts to unfold. Would that we were all lillies. The chance of success would be guaranteed then. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. Lovely, janet! It’s true that they do seem entirely hopeful! If they were in my garden that hope would be misplaced I fear. But happily for them they are looked after by someone with Greener fingers than I have. I love your interpretation of the symbolism! Thank you again.

  3. Thanks Ellie they are bright and cheery. Amazing depth of color there. This flower project has really brightened my day everyday and I can’t get over the varieties that we do have even in this little area. And we do know there are sunny days ahead I hope they’re sooner then later. Sending you hugs and hope you have a lovely day

    1. Thank you so much for that lovely comment, Linda. if my project has brightened the days for other people then that’s an added bonus for me. It was a selfish project in a way, to brighten my own days so your thoughts always make me feel better, too.

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