Annual Honesty

Annual Honesty
Annual Honesty

Honestly… I prefer perpetual honesty as a concept, rather than the idea of annual renewal… But of course the name has nothing to do with the actual characteristic, so that was just me trying to be funny. I hope you didn’t groan too much at it. I saw this unusual striped honesty flower not long ago along the verge of the road not far from my house, but didn’t have my camera with me. When I managed to get back to photograph it, I searched for it and finally found that it had been bent by wind or rain or a careless walker and was drooped over. I propped it up on a stem nearby and managed to get this. I haven’t seen another like it there since then. There are so many unusual and even unique variations on the flowers that we see every day, it seems. I could keep taking photographs of them for a long time to come and not run out of lovely subjects. I hope you enjoy this, friends. A Flower a Day #343 View all posts on the Home page

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  1. I csn relate to this little ‘honesty’. There have been days when I have felt somewhat trod upon, or looked in the mirror and saw a haggard face glaring back at me. I didn’t always have someone to pick me up and prop me up against a stem but I could always put on a happy face and wait for the pendulum to swing back to better times…which it always did, given enough time and effort. So, this brave bloom deserves to be honoured this way, and thanks you, Ellie, I’m do I.

    1. Yes, I think we can all relate to having moments (or days) like that, Janet. At least all of us reading this! Perhaps that’s why I went to the trouble of finding a way to show this. I’ll remember your comment on those haggard mirror mornings. And wait for the propping up with confidence. Thanks.

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