In dramatic contrast to yesterday’s gentle image, this is surely one of the most flamboyant of flowers in my Flower a Day, this brilliant red Amaryllis. The blooms of this plant are so striking that they take over any room no matter what others are present. The colour and size are the first things that you notice, but then the details all begin to come through. First is the slight frilling of the edges of the petals, and the delicate lines running through them. Then you see the beautiful lower hanging pale stigma, and the pollen coated anthers on the end of those dainty filaments, poised above that rich petal beneath. So today I send you a real queen of exotic flowers, as rich a gift as you could ever want. No skilled couturier or dressmaker could ever make a dress as perfect as this and, let’s face it, few could carry it off as well. Is this not a perfect example of the text that says in reference to the beauty of flowers (this refers to lilies, but the saying applies just as well) “…not even Solomon in all his glory was arrayed as one of these”?

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  1. A lady in red, this is no shrinking violet (pardon the bad puns). Amaryllis is a showy plant but a classy one at the same time, never more than one or two stems per bulb, each giving way to a cluster of up to a dozen flowers without leaves to distract its admirers. I’m not positive but I think red is an unusual colour for an amaryllis, at least in its native variety. So, I feel special to day to have received this striking example of Lily’s distant cousin. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. Distant cousin to the Lily? Well thank you for that information, Janet. This plant was in my local osteopathy clinic and eclipsed every other plant in the room (including the miniature orchid you saw recently). Definitely a show girl, this one. Thanks again, Janet.

  2. I agree totally Ellie it is an amazing flower. Love the colour and the veining and the frilly petals. It certainly does brighten up your day and your room thanks again for sharing.

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