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  1. Isn't it +Jason Kowing ?
    Aren't they just +Shelly Gunderson ? 

    Oh yes, +pio dal cin  – and multi-national, which is so great. I think one is Lebanese, one might be from the far east. 🙂 

    Thanks a lot +Gord Birch 
    +張佳琪 我也这么认为。谢谢。

    +Ursula Klepper – thanks!

    It was a great sight, each one different, all together in their chariot +Janet Patterson – glad it made your day.

    Thank you +Mikko Tyllinen 

    +Kevin Hancey – and excellent description!

    With the emphasis on the awwww +Jasbir S. Randhawa – thanks!

    +Dhruvish Soni they are, I agree!

    +Joyce Fay – I have a feeling they already have good homes! Would you like to go on a waiting list?

    Thanks +Sumit Sen 

    No, +Heiko Mahr – the human race, for sure, but not the same parents. I think they are from a daycare nearby. 😀

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